Jayne Burrows Counselling and Psychotherapy
St George, Bristol

Psychotherapy and Counselling in St. George, near central Bristol and Easton

NO AVAILABILITY AT PRESENT - I regret that I have no space to take on new clients at the moment (January 2023)

What's Troubling You?

If you are experiencing difficulties such as depression, anxiety, anger, low self-esteem, self-harm, bereavement, etc. then I may be able to help. I have worked with people experiencing a broad range of distress. Rather than particular symptoms or issues, I'm trained to work with people whatever their psychological/ emotional issues. I am interested in your relationship to whatever you bring. This uncovers what is helpful specifically to you.

What Happens?

You tell me about whatever you need to, at your own pace. As we talk together we both participate in making sense of your experiences. We also explore past experiences and relationships in order to understand your current difficulties. I listen and respond to you. I'll support you to explore ways to deal with whatever you're facing. As we work together your understanding of yourself and your experiences increases. I will support you with your current issues via short-term counselling, or by looking more deeply into underlying themes through longer-term psychotherapy - see Counselling and Psychotherapy

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Why Choose Me?

I’m deeply committed to forming good therapeutic relationships. I bring my knowledge and experiences built over a long training and many years of practice. I continue to develop in me the personal qualities required for this work, such as: empathy, presence, emotional availability ..... see My Approach
MA qualified and registered UKCP psychotherapist - I completed an in-depth nine-year professional training, which enables me to work with people experiencing the various symptom/issues/difficulties which exist, and the underlying themes and dynamics that evoke them. I undertake regular professional supervision of my work. see Qualifications


  • Both Counselling and Psychotherapy can support you cope, to face and deal with a current issue.
  • Psychotherapy over time, can expand the choices you have, and help you find a way to be with yourself and others more constructively and satisfyingly.
  • Psychotherapy can increase your emotional integration (a fuller awareness of your thoughts, feelings and intuitions – and your ability to use these to guide you), thereby easing your symptoms.
  • Counselling and Psychotherapy can support you to address many issues and symptoms such as -depression, anger, anxiety, bereavement, addictions etc. etc.

Getting in Touch

Please call/ email to ask questions, or to have a brief chat before making an appointment. You can make an appointment, by text, email, or phone, whichever suits you. Please leave a message on my mobile (which is a confidential number), I will get back to you asap. Jayne Burrows Psychotherapist 07527 901 723 or email jayneb_contact@yahoo.co.uk

Our initial session is a chance for you to see if we're a good fit by how well listened to and understood you feel.


Psychotherapy and Counselling near central Bristol. My practice is within easy reach of central Bristol, Easton, St. George, Kingswood, Eastville, Fishponds, Redfield.

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